Resources for Divisional Representatives

Advisory Committee Resources


  1. Accountability, Responsibility & Protocols (PDF)
  2. Divisional Survey Designates on Advisory Committee (PDF)


Missed an email? Contact Melanie Grant.

Date Email Subject
January 12 ‘Speaking Up’ Next Steps: Access to Online Reporting Tool Closing February 26
January 7 ‘Speaking Up’ Survey Reps: Please take 5 minutes to provide feedback
December 8 Speaking Up: Next Steps – Downloadable Areas of Focus Icons (Coming Soon) & February Event
November 4 Speaking Up: Next Steps – Areas of Focus Divisional Initiatives & Best Practices / Areas of Focus in ‘the Bulletin’ / Site Visits & Divisional Consultations
October 20 Speaking Up: A Call-Out for Divisional Initiatives & Best Practices related to the Areas of Focus
August 31 Message to Speaking Up Divisional Survey Designates re: Divisional Consultations
July 31 Msg to ‘Speaking Up’ Advisory Committee re: Toolkit – Section # 6
July 7 Msg to ‘Speaking Up’ Advisory Committee re: Toolkit – Section # 5
June 23 Msg to ‘Speaking Up’ Advisory Committee re: Toolkit – Section # 4
June 11 Msg to ‘Speaking Up’ Advisory Committee re: Toolkit – Section # 3
June 1 Msg to ‘Speaking Up’ Advisory Committee re: Toolkit – Section # 2
May 26 Msg to ‘Speaking Up’ Advisory Committee: Toolkit; Additional Training Session added
May 20 Msg to ‘Speaking Up’ Designates re: Additional Training Option
April 28 Message to UTFSES Advisory Committee: New Project Plan – Updates and Next Steps
March 13 Update to UTFSES Advisory Committee: ‘Speaking Up’ results roll-out delayed

Survey Timeline

Dates Action
Sep 2015 – Jan 2016
Divisional Consultations with VP Human Resources & Equity and Provost’s Office.

The objective of these consultations is to discuss Divisional Action Plans as they relate to the results.

Mid-May – Jul 2015
Divisions access their results. Determine areas of focus.
Jan 2015
Top-level results available.
Friday, Nov 14 at 5 p.m.
Survey closes.
Note: extended to Nov 19 at 5 p.m.
Oct 24 & 30, Nov 6 & 13
Reminders sent to those who haven’t submitted a survey.
Oct 23 & 29, Nov 5 & 12
Message to Dean / VP / Rep & Advisory Committee Reps with response rate.
Monday, Oct 20 2014
Survey launches

Useful Terms

Term Definition


The grouping of U of T employees into departments and divisions by specific demographic indicators.

Correlation Analysis

A measurement of the relationship between two items, where changes in one item would impact the other (whether positively or negatively).


A standard of judgement.

Factor Analysis

A statistical procedure used to identify a small number of factors (hereafter referred to as Themes) from a large number of variables (survey questions and responses).


Specific choices that are made selecting the criteria by which the results of the Speaking Up Survey will be displayed.


The means used to collect the data, organize it and generate the results.

Priority Matrix

A means of sorting the themes into an order importance relative to each other and the overarching Satisfaction question (at the heart of the 2014 survey).


Information that is included in the bounds of the survey.

Speaking Up Survey

A joint initiative of the Offices of the Vice-President & Provost and the Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity also known as UTFSES (U of T Faculty & Staff Experience Survey).

Speaking Up Survey Tool

The online database of information collected in the 2014 Speaking Up Survey.


Cannot be manipulated, unchangeable.

The Dashboard

A visual and interactive tool for quick access to the results for your division.


A heading that indicates the broad idea of the information included therein. (Also see ‘Factor Analysis’)